Your Most Valuable Asset in Network Marketing

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Valuable Asset

Your Most Valuable Asset in Network Marketing

There are lots of valuable assets in your Network Marketing business. You have your income, customers, distributors, upline, downline, company, personal development. These are all important aspects of your opportunity but they are not the most valuable asset.

The most valuable asset that you have as you build your business is your integrity. It’s more important than anything else, even your income.

I am fortunate to be a part of a company that puts respect and integrity above all else. Our company mission statement is to never sacrifice integrity for growth.

This is very important when it comes to building a successful sales and marketing organization. If you are signing people up the wrong way or conducting business without integrity, your business will suffer. You might get a check that week but you’re just playing the short game. In the long term it will hinder your business’ growth.

Your reputation is everything in business especially in a relationship marketing system like MLM. Your relationships, business, duplication, and momentum will falter if you’re not building your business with integrity and professionalism.

Last year, my integrity was tested with my own team. This situation could have led to some pretty serious income but I would’ve had to sacrifice my integrity for the growth.

There was someone in my downline who was not doing things the right way. This person was several levels down from me and even lived in another state, but we got wind of what she was doing. She was signing customers up without their knowledge which is a big no-no in our industry. And it wasn’t like she had just signed up one or two customers, more like 20-25.

As a team, once we heard about it, we got corporate involved. Her consultant ID was terminated, which cost us some revenue, but in the long term we were able to keep our integrity intact.

When you’re a leader in this business you’re also responsible for the actions of your downline. Don’t get caught up and have your name attached to the kind of crap. Your reputation needs to be placed above all else, especially your income.

In the video below I go into a bit more detail about your most valuable asset as a Network Marketing professional. If you get some value out of it don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel and share it with a friend!

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