When Someone Refuses to Look At Your Network Marketing Opportunity

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Refuses to Look

When Someone Refuses to Look At Your Network Marketing Opportunity

Did you know that there are people who will refuse to take a look at your product, service, or opportunity? If you didn’t know that already, I’m sorry to be the one to tell you. So what do you do when someone refuses to look?

Unfortunately, it’s inevitable. It’s going to happen at some point in your Network Marketing career. It might as well be sooner rather than later.

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Not only will people reject your opportunity, there’s a small group of people who will refuse to even look at it.

I have to admit, even four years into the game it still catches me off guard. I mean these are my friends and family and they won’t take 15 minutes to take a look at what I’m working on?

The key, as always, is to not have an emotional attachment to the outcome. You wouldn’t want to ruin any of your relationships. Our industry is relationship marketing for a reason. Relationship first, everything else second.

Now, that being said, you also shouldn’t let people walk all over you and do whatever they want with you. When someone refuses to take a look at what I’m working on I simply thank them and move on. If you lash out with emotion it will just confirm people’s suspicions about our wonderful industry.

I move on, but I also make a mental note of their refusal. I know at some point in the future, whether it’s a week from now or a year from now, they’re going to need something from me.

Usually, I have no problem doing things for other people. In fact, I enjoy it. When that time where they need me comes, and it always does, I confront them about their refusal.

I usually say something like this:

“I’m having a hard time understanding the dynamic of our relationship. 3 months ago, when I asked you to take 15 minutes and give me your thoughts on a project I was working on, you refused. I didn’t ask you to join me or buy anything, I simply asked for your support. Now you’re asking me to help you move / babysit your kids / give you some money?”

That usually does it. Either they’ll apologize and watch your presentation or they’ll pitch a huge fit and blow up on you. Either way, you can’t control how they act, you can only control how you act.

Again, don’t ruin your relationship but confront them about their refusal. Have some posture and don’t let people walk all over you.

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In the video below I go into a bit more detail about what to do when someone refuses to take a look at your Network Marketing opportunity. If you get some value out of it don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel and share it with a friend!

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