When Prospects Aren’t Answering Your Calls

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When Prospects Aren't Answering Your Calls

When Prospects Aren’t Answering Your Calls

Have you ever tried to call a prospect and they didn’t answer your phone call or even try to call you back?

What do you do when prospects aren’t answering your calls?

That’s a pretty common question that people ask in the Network Marketing industry.

However, I do have good news. There is a simple solution.

Let me start by saying that this approach is generally geared towards your warm market or people you already know. Your warm market, for the most part, should be answering your calls because they should already know you, trust you, and love you.

In your cold market it’s not uncommon if your prospects don’t answer your call. This is mostly due to the fact that they don’t know you and don’t feel like they owe you anything.

So here is what I do when I have a prospect who doesn’t answer my phone calls.

On day one, I will call my prospect for the first time. Please, for the love of all things decent and holy, do not call them your prospect. They have a name and will be completely turned off if you call them a prospect.

If they don’t answer on the first call, hang up. DO NOT leave a message. So many people try to do way too much and talk about their product, service, or opportunity on their prospects voicemail.

Huge no no. They will just do the same thing that people do when you post your link on social media. They’ll do their own “research” and then avoid you for the next several months because they don’t want to tell you that they aren’t interested.

On day two I do the exact same thing by calling them and not leaving a message if they don’t answer. If they answer on the second call then go ahead and make your invite.

Quick Tip: Call them at different times of the day for a better chance of catching them.

So now you have called them two days in a row without leaving them a message. If they haven’t answered by now, you’re going to have to fight your natural urges of wanting to text them or contact them on social media. Don’t do that. Stick to your guns.

At this point, skip a day or two and don’t try to contact them.

On day 4 or 5, at a different time then your first two attempts, call them again.

If they still don’t answer on your third call, leave them a short and simple message that sounds something like this, “Hey Bob, its Tyler. I’ve called you several times over the last couple of days and you haven’t answered. I’m kind of worried about you man. Call me back as soon as you can so I can know that you are alright.”

The message portrays a legitimate concern for their well being, which, at this point, you’re generally concerned about because they haven’t called you back.

People are extremely busy these days but not 24 hours a day for 5 days in a row, unless they’re on vacation.

I guarantee you, 9 times out of 10, they’re going to call you back so they can let you know that they’re ok.

When they call you back tell them that you are relieved that they are not hurt and everything is fine. Then you can make your invite.

Simple. Not easy, but simple.

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