How to Deal with an Unsupportive Spouse

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Unsupportive Spouse

How to Deal with an Unsupportive Spouse

Oftentimes in life, you’re not going to have 100% of the support you need as you take on a new venture. The first thing you need to know is THAT’S OK. If you went through life expecting all-in support for everything you did, you wouldn’t ever do anything.

As you build your Network Marketing business, you or someone on your team may have to deal with an unsupportive spouse. This is a pretty common issues in our industry and today I’m going to teach you how to handle it.

Let’s say you have been introduced to a new MLM opportunity but you think you might get some push back from your spouse. It’s important that you include them in every aspect of your exposure to the business.

Take them to the business presentation with you. Have them listen in on the conference call with you. Show them all of the product descriptions or the company magazine you read.

They need to have access to all of the information to make a decision that you do. The key is to make sure they feel involved and included in the decision making process.

If they’re still unsupportive about the opportunity don’t make a decision about it behind their back. Make the decision as a family and move on.

Maybe you’re in a different category. Maybe you’re already involved in a Network Marketing opportunity and you still have an unsupportive spouse.

It’s important for you to know that it’s usually not you that your spouse is not supporting. People only have doubts about two things when it comes to MLM opportunities. Either they don’t think that THEY can be successful at this type of business or they think the INDUSTRY as a whole cannot produce success.

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The best way to change their mind is to take some action and create some results. But don’t make them do too much too fast.

Here’s a perfect example…

My wife and I always had a negative taste about MLM in our mouths. We had friends who tried it but we didn’t like the way they always pushed so hard for the close. I think it was the ‘selling’ aspect we just didn’t like or the fact that we thought we had to bother our friends and family about it.

We were introduced to our current opportunity back in 2013 and I was instantly hooked. It made total sense to me and I wanted to get started right away. Magon, not so much.

We reviewed all the information together and weighed the pros and cons of starting up our business. After a couple weeks of talking it over Magon said that we could get started if I could at least make our money back.

I assured her that I could and we got started. She was on board with getting started but did not want to be involved in the business at all. We ended up making our investment back within a week and tripled it within a month.

As checks (or direct deposits) started to roll in, Magon’s belief level began to rise. I continued taking action and creating results and Magon got more and more involved.

Now Magon goes to business presentations with me every week and has become a customer gathering machine.

I wouldn’t consider her an active business builder but she is at least supportive. That’s all that I was looking for and the same should be true for you. Look for support not activity.

Turn your unsupportive spouse into a believer. Build their belief level in the industry and you as a professional by taking action, generating revenue, and creating results.

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