The Most Common Top Earner Strategy in MLM

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Top Earner Strategy

The Most Common Top Earner Strategy in MLM

So you probably read the title of this post and had a preconceived notion about what the most common top earner strategy in MLM really is. You might have thought that it’s taking massive, consistent action or leveraging the internet or not quitting.

While these are excellent strategies and ones that will keep you generously paid in the Network Marketing industry, those aren’t the top strategy that I’m talking about.

The most common top earner strategy in MLM is simply this. All of the top earners have spent thousands and thousands of dollars to invest in their own personal development and hire a coach.

I know it sounds counterintuitive. But you have to spend money to make money. The best place that you can invest that money is in yourself.

There are several reasons why hiring a coach for you and your business is a top earner strategy.

It’s Not You

Think about it this way. Olympic athletes, and any athletes for that matter, always have a personal coach. Not because the coach is better at them in their sport but because the coach can provide an extra set of eyes on the athlete’s play. It’s extremely hard well, near impossible, to analyze your performance as a competitor, business person, or leader from the outside looking in.

The coach is be able to provide that outside perspective on the athletes’ performance that they, themselves cannot see. This allows them to show the athlete where to make tweaks in their form or approach.

The same is true for your business. With an extra set of eyes, a coach can show you exactly where you might be struggling and what tweaks to make in your approach or business plan to maximize your efforts. You don’t know what you don’t know and a coach will be able to show you that.

No Emotional Attachment

This is extremely important. You see, sometimes our judgement is clouded by our emotional attachment to things. We really want to sign up that business partner or enroll that customer and it makes us mad when we don’t/can’t. If we can bring in our coach, he or she can show us exactly what we did wrong whether our emotions allow us to see it or not.

This is possible because your coach has no emotional attachment to the outcomes of your conversations. Obviously they want you to succeed but another business partner or customer for you does not mean much to them. It is more important for them to be able to help you in your approach or tweak your skills. That way you can do it better from now on, no matter what your emotions are telling you.

Coaches may only be making recommendations for slight tweaks but those tweaks will allow you to be able to create thousands of dollars in residual income. Coaches will tell you what to change for maximum efficiency, momentum, duplication, and growth.

Make An Investment in Yourself

The investment to hire a coach is definitely worth it when you are able to create financial freedom because of that coaching. Find a coach that you think can provide you the most value for the money you are willing to spend. Everyone has a budget so it is important to find the best bang for your buck.

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