Teach From the Overflow of Your Study

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Teaching from Your Study

Teach From the Overflow of Your Study

Have you ever been to a training or an event that had a speaker with  some pretty good content but for whatever reason they were the most boring person in the world to listen to. Either their voice was too monotone or they were just reading off the page? I think most of us can say that this has happened to us before. Of course it takes practice to be a good public speaker but if the person is at front of the room it is usually because they know what they are talking about so they should be able to present fairly well.

I heard some excellent information in a Bible class, taught by our preacher, over the last several weeks that I think can be appropriately applied to the Network Marketing industry. It is regarding the aspect of teaching or training. You have heard Ray Higdon say you need to “invest, learn, teach.” Once you spend some time and money investing in your personal development it is then your responsibility to go teach it to someone else. The information does you no good if you do not pass it along, especially in Network Marketing. The goal is duplication here and that cannot be achieved without the passing on of knowledge.

Watch the video below to find out what I learned because I want to pass it on to you!

If you got any value from this at all I would appreciate it if you would share it out so someone else could get the same value!

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