The Secret to Success in Network Marketing

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Secret to Success in MLM

The Secret to Success in Network Marketing

So you want to know the number one secret to success in Network Marketing?

I promise you that if you do this one thing and turn around and teach it to your downline your business will explode.

I say secret but it is really not a secret. Everybody has heard it before but not a lot of people implement it into their business.

The end all, be all secret to success in this industry is that you have to be willing to be coached and taught through the system. That’s it. I told you it was simple. If you are willing to be coached and learn, then it is virtually impossible for you to fail.

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Getting Started Right

Get Your New People Started Right

There are a few key action items you need to complete with your new distributors when they first get started that need to be done pretty quickly in order to create momentum.

The first thing that I like to do with my new team members is to go over some expectations right off the bat. I want to make sure that their goals are realistic and if not, tweak them a bit. There is nothing worse than expecting something in this industry and not getting it as quickly as you want if at all.

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Importance of a Written List

The Importance of a Written List

Have you ever been curious as to why your upline leaders and mentors tell you that you need to have a written list?

In the company that I partner myself with we talk about the four pillars of your business. They are your WRITTEN LIST, the INVITATION, the PRESENTATION, and the VALIDATION.

Before someone joins your business you walk them through all the stages of the process. As you funnel people through the system, customers and distributors will come out the other end.

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MLM Paradigm Shift

Network Marketing Paradigm Shift

There is a huge paradigm shift going on in my company right now and I want to share it with you guys.

Don’t be nervous about the word “paradigm” because it just means a mindset or model or way of doing things.

The major leaders in my company are making a shift when it comes to how we handle “maybe” responses to our product, service, or opportunity. It is a very interesting approach and I thought it was too good not to tell you about.

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