Lessons from Lincoln on Leadership

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Lincoln on Leadership

Lessons from Lincoln on Leadership

I try to make it a point that even when I go on vacation I continue to develop myself personally.

This last time we went on vacation I made sure to take a couple of books with me so I could grow as I relaxed.

I ended up reading a very interesting book called, “Lincoln on Leadership: Executive Strategies for Tough Times,” by Donald Phillips. I love history and I’m passionate about personal development, so if I can combine the two then I’m set.

The book was all about the leaderships aspects in Lincoln’s life and presidency.

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Using Proper Form

Using Proper FORM While Cold Market Prospecting

Using proper FORM is very important in most aspects of your life. Network Marketing is no different.

As you begin to talk to people about your business you will quickly find that you only know so many people. At that point you will do one of two things. You’ll quit, or you’ll find other people to talk to about your opportunity.

This is where cold market prospecting comes into play.

Your cold market is simply just people that you don’t already know.

Like anything else in life, there is a right way and a wrong way to prospect your cold market.

Let me share with you a technique that I like to use to break the ice with a complete stranger. It can be recalled fairly easily when you use the acronym F.O.R.M.

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Creating Smart Goals

Creating SMART Goals

Goal setting is one of those skills that you need to pick up as you work your Network Marketing business. At least if you want to be successful. It seems like a waste of time at first but you quickly begin to see the power that goals can have on your business.

Without goals you are just wandering around aimlessly seeking the “holy grail” of financial freedom.

That being said, if you are going to create goals you need to be sure that you are creating SMART goals.

You may have heard this concept before but for those of you that haven’t, let me break it down for you.

S.M.A.R.T. stands for…

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Why do people fail?

Why People Fail in Network Marketing

If you have been in this industry for any length of time then you have probably seen droves of people quit building their businesses, for whatever reason. The numbers are staggering. Somewhere around 90%+ of people who start a home-based business fail.

Why is that? Why do people fail more often than they succeed in this industry?

Here are some of the biggest reasons, based on my experience.

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Secret to Success in MLM

The Secret to Success in Network Marketing

So you want to know the number one secret to success in Network Marketing?

I promise you that if you do this one thing and turn around and teach it to your downline your business will explode.

I say secret but it is really not a secret. Everybody has heard it before but not a lot of people implement it into their business.

The end all, be all secret to success in this industry is that you have to be willing to be coached and taught through the system. That’s it. I told you it was simple. If you are willing to be coached and learn, then it is virtually impossible for you to fail.

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Levels of Success

Success: To Each His Own

Measuring success with your Network Marketing team can be a topic that contains some pretty muddy waters and can cause some friction between distributors. Let’s clear all of that up today.

One thing you need to keep in mind when you are building your business is that the definition of success looks differently depending on who you are talking to. You need to have conversations with your new distributors and find out exactly what success looks like to them. Maybe they just want to make enough money every month to pay their phone bill, pay down their student loan, or buy a new car. Maybe they do not desire “financial freedom” as soon as they first get started.

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Getting Started Right

Get Your New People Started Right

There are a few key action items you need to complete with your new distributors when they first get started that need to be done pretty quickly in order to create momentum.

The first thing that I like to do with my new team members is to go over some expectations right off the bat. I want to make sure that their goals are realistic and if not, tweak them a bit. There is nothing worse than expecting something in this industry and not getting it as quickly as you want if at all.

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Bad Day in MLM

My Worst Moment in Network Marketing

Anyone who has been in Network Marketing for any length of time knows that they are going to have some bad days and bad moments in their business. The crucial part of those bad days is how you respond to them.

Fortunately, the great thing about this industry is that even the bad moments are good for your business because they usually teach you something.

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Darren Hardy 5%

Work Hard for the 5%

Today I want to talk about the daily method of operation as a Network Marketing Professional.

As always, If you get value out of this post/video share it out to your team because I know they can get the same value that you do. Drop me a comment in the comment section and let me know exactly the kind of value you get from this and of course you have to react to the video. I prefer the thumbs up or the hearts but you should go with what you feel.

So, let’s get into the topic today guys.

I have to say that this idea is not original to me but comes from Darren Hardy. However, I am going to tailor it for the Network Marketing industry.

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MLM Paradigm Shift

Network Marketing Paradigm Shift

There is a huge paradigm shift going on in my company right now and I want to share it with you guys.

Don’t be nervous about the word “paradigm” because it just means a mindset or model or way of doing things.

The major leaders in my company are making a shift when it comes to how we handle “maybe” responses to our product, service, or opportunity. It is a very interesting approach and I thought it was too good not to tell you about.

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