Why You Won’t Be a Million-Dollar Earner in Network Marketing

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Million-Dollar Earner

Why You Won’t Be a Million-Dollar Earner in Network Marketing

Look, not everyone is going to be a million-dollar earner in Network Marketing, and that’s ok! The quicker you can come to that realization the less headache you’ll give yourself in the long run.

This business is not built for everyone. It’s taylor-made for the self-starter, the motivated, and the ones who severely need to make some drastic changes in their lives or the lives of their families.

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If MLM is so Great

If MLM Is So Great Why Isn’t Everybody Doing It?

Let me start out by saying that we operate in an amazing industry. Network Marketing is able to help people achieve their financial dreams and allow them to grow into a better person, all while working part time from home.

With that being said, Network Marketing is definitely not for everyone. Some people just aren’t interested and others aren’t willing to put in the work. Look at it this way, not everyone can be a teacher, a pilot, a doctor, a lawyer, or an athlete.

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My Network Marketing Story

My Network Marketing Story: Tyler Redman

In my eyes, the greatest selling point for Network Marketing is the stories that the industry can create. We hear about so many people who are able to change their lives with this opportunity.

People who are able to…

Pay off student loans

Save for retirement

Buy a car

Buy a house

Put their kid in karate lessons

Retire their spouse

Give their kids their parents back

Go on vacation

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Levels of Success

Success: To Each His Own

Measuring success with your Network Marketing team can be a topic that contains some pretty muddy waters and can cause some friction between distributors. Let’s clear all of that up today.

One thing you need to keep in mind when you are building your business is that the definition of success looks differently depending on who you are talking to. You need to have conversations with your new distributors and find out exactly what success looks like to them. Maybe they just want to make enough money every month to pay their phone bill, pay down their student loan, or buy a new car. Maybe they do not desire “financial freedom” as soon as they first get started.

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Darren Hardy 5%

Work Hard for the 5%

Today I want to talk about the daily method of operation as a Network Marketing Professional.

As always, If you get value out of this post/video share it out to your team because I know they can get the same value that you do. Drop me a comment in the comment section and let me know exactly the kind of value you get from this and of course you have to react to the video. I prefer the thumbs up or the hearts but you should go with what you feel.

So, let’s get into the topic today guys.

I have to say that this idea is not original to me but comes from Darren Hardy. However, I am going to tailor it for the Network Marketing industry.

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home-based business

How a Home-Based Business Can Change Your Life

Chances are, somewhere along the line, you have been approached about a home-based business. The person who told you about it may have called it multi-level marketing, network marketing, or anything in between. Those phrases are used fairly synonymous with one another and rightfully so. You may have seen some things you liked about the opportunity and you may have also seen (or heard) some things you didn’t like. Well let me stretch your thinking a little bit and submit to you 5 reasons why I think a home-based business is something that everyone should be a part of.

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