Staying Plugged In

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Staying Plugged In

Staying Plugged In

Have you ever heard your sponsor or upline say that you need to continue “staying plugged in” as you work your business.

What does that mean and why is it so important for you to do?

In a nutshell, what your sponsor was telling you is that it’s crucial for your success to never miss the following events:

-Corporate sponsored events

-Training events

-Team events

-Business presentations

-Conference calls

There are several reasons why your attendance at these events is so important but we are going to look at the main four.

You can always learn something new.

The most common objection to not attending every event and staying plugged in to the system for business owners in the Network Marketing industry is that it is usually the same material every time.

True, it may be the same material but it will never be said in quite the same way, by the same person. It’s always the little tweaks you make in your business that have the most impact. The little things are what you hear when you continue to show up.

You can network with top earners.

At every event you need to introduce yourself to as many people as you possibly can, especially the leaders in the industry and top earners in your company. The top earners are at all the events so this should be your biggest hint into how to succeed with your opportunity. Take it from me, you can learn a lot from them about how you should build your business.

We have a common saying in the industry. More is caught than is taught. The idea is that the meat of what you can learn in this industry is from having side conversations in between sessions, at lunch, or in the downtime. Pick the brain of the top earners and see what they’re doing to build their business that you aren’t. 

It shows your team what they need to be doing.

If you go for no other reason, go because you need to set an example for your team. Remember people are going to do what you do, not what you say. If they don’t see you at training events or the corporate events then they are definitely not going to continue to go.

It keeps you plugged into the system and into the team.

If you go 6-8 weeks without going to an event then your business is going to suffer greatly. Events keep your business fresh in your mind and constantly remind you of your why and how many people are in your corner rooting for you. When you stop going, you forget that.

Attending events helps keep your business at the forefront of your mind. It also gives you the chance to be around like-minded individuals who care about you and your success, unlike the people at your job.

There you go, four reasons why staying plugged in is super important to your growth and the growth of your business.

If you’re not staying plugged in you’re dead in the water.

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