Reasons to Build Your MLM Business Other Than Money

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reasons to build your mlm business other than money

Reasons to Build Your MLM Business Other Than Money

Ok… I know what you’re thinking. Everyone builds their Network Marketing business in order to make more money, to attain financial freedom, and to buy their time back.

True. We are all in this industry for financial freedom.


In today’s blog I’m going to submit to you several reasons why you should build your MLM business other than JUST extra money.

You see, it’s not about having more money in the bank but about using those funds to create time freedom for yourself. Time freedom is simply the ability to do what you want, when you want, where you want, however you want without having to worry about working to pay the bills.

Building an MLM business shouldn’t be about how much money you can make but about who you can become in the process.

You’ve probably heard it said that MLM is a personal development program with a compensation plan attached. There isn’t a truer concept in this industry. You’ll grow so much as a person as you build your business. You’ll learn life skills that can be applied to several different aspects of your life not just business.

I have been able to take massive steps forward in different areas of my life due to the skills I learned in Network Marketing.

Here are just a few examples…

Public Speaking

You never would have caught me speaking on stage or in front of a lot of people before I started my business. Thanks to Network Marketing I speak in front of people on a weekly basis. I learned this skill through my business but now I can apply it to other areas in my life.


Thanks to MLM I have been able to establish myself as a leader and grow my leadership skills. Of course I use this outside of my business as well. Recently I have been able to take on a bigger leadership role in my church. This would not have been possible without my business and the progress I have made from building it.

Financial Management

This business has taught me several skills when it comes to handling my money. It will teach you what is most important when you have to stretch yourself and make your budget go as far as it can. It will also teach you about taxes and the principle of saving.

Social Interactions

I’ve also been able to learn a lot about social interactions and relationships. This business has shown me which relationships are most important in my life. It has also shown me exactly where I stand with people. I’m able to see who my true friends really are.

The most important aspect of building a business in the direct sales industry is the person that you can become in the process. That is far greater than any monetary compensation you could possibly earn.

What else have you been able to learn as a Network Marketing Professional?

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