Guest Blog: ‘Reapproaching Your Warm Market’ by Michael Finch

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Reapproaching Your Warm Market

Guest Blog: ‘Reapproaching Your Warm Market’ by Michael Finch

Approaching your warm market about a business opportunity can be difficult for some people. Reapproaching your warm market after joining a new MLM can be even worse.  Your warm market has heard all about your previous business opportunity and can become skeptical as to why you started this new one.

When prospecting your warm market, if you have constantly led with the income benefits of the opportunity, it’s time to switch it up.  Say something to the effect of, “I started this new business opportunity, and even though I don’t think it’s a fit for you, I really think you’ll like the products.” 

By completely changing what you say when you approach your warm market, you will catch them off-guard.  Since they have heard the income speech so many times, they have become immune to it.  By leading with the products, they don’t feel as pressured and nearly everyone wants to buy good products.

What Happened to the Last One?

No matter how many opportunities you have been a part of, when discussing why you made the change, just be honest!  Explain the reason that the previous company (or companies) weren’t a good fit for you.

Do not talk bad about the company though.  Your warm market may still be customers of that company, or be deciding to join that business opportunity and you don’t want to speak negatively of it.

How Do I Bring Up My Opportunity Without Sounding Pushy?

The best way to bring up your business opportunity, especially to your warm market, is through storytelling.  If you immediately bring up business, you are likely going to get a lot of push-back.  If you bring it up through telling a story, it doesn’t seem as forced and the listener won’t be as defensive.

You can tell a story of how your wife wanted to be able to stay home to have more time with the kids, so she left her job and now works from home.  Or telling a story of how you needed a new car and you were able to create enough residual monthly income that you were able to get your new car without “spending” any money. People like to hear stories because they have similar goals and it allows them to believe that they can achieve those same goals.

PS: If you enjoyed today’s guest post, Reapproaching Your Warm Market After Joining A New MLM, and would like to learn how to tell stories that sell, click here to learn how!

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