What Part Time in Network Marketing Actually Looks Like

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Part Time in Network Marketing

What Part Time in Network Marketing Actually Looks Like

Today we’re going to look at exactly what part time in Network Marketing actually looks like. Unfortunately, so many people think that part time is the same thing as spare time.

Let’s be honest. How much spare time did you actually have this past week? None right? If you did you probably filled it with something like watching TV or reading a book.

No one has any spare time. That’s why it’s so important to treat your MLM business like a part time job. At least until you’re generating the revenue you’re looking for.

In a recent training, one of my mentors (Richard Laidler) gave me an excellent rundown of what part time in Network Marketing should look like.

Let’s breakdown one week of the part time mindset.

On Sunday, take your written list and use the ERICA scoring system to establish a top 10 hottest prospects to call for the week.

E = Entrepreneurial: score them from 1-3 based on your perception of how entrepreneurial they are.

R = Resources: score them from 1-3 based on your perception of their resources (money, house, cars, clothes).

I = Influence: score them from 1-3 based on your perception of their potential impact on the community or with their sphere of influence.

C = City: score them from 1-3 based on how close they are in proximity to you.

A = Attitude: score them from 1-3 based on your perception of how good their attitude about life/money/family/work is.

Add all of the numbers up (5-15) and pick the highest 10 scores. Throughout the week those are the 10 people that you’re going to call and invite to take a look at your opportunity.

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After you have your list of 10 prospects call your accountability partner (someone who will push you) and formulate invitations for each of them.

From Monday to Friday carve out time each day to invite two people. Then towards the end of each day have a 15-minute accountability call with your partner. Go over each invitation you made and your partner can tell you if you need to tweak anything for the next invitation.

The best part about the accountability call is that it’s going to push you to actually make your invitations for the day. You’ll feel terrible if you have to call your partner without making any invitations. That’s good. It’s going to force you to take action.

Throughout the week you should also attend one live business presentation to take any of your prospects to if they want a second look. You should also be on at least one training call.

Sprinkled throughout the week you’ll also be showing the plan and following up with the prospects that you’ve invited.

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The key is to stick to a schedule. On Sunday it should only take about an hour to find 10 names and formulate invitations for them. Monday through Friday you’re looking at 10 minutes total for the two invitations and 15 minutes for the accountability calls.

Maybe the business presentation takes two hours and the training call lasts an hour. That’s 10-15 hours max of working part time on your Network Marketing business that will set you financially free.

Remember this is a business. Take it seriously and work it par time. if you take part time action long enough you can change your MLM business from a part time project to a full time passion.

In the video below I go into a bit more detail about what part time in Network Marketing actually looks like. If you get some value out of it don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel and share it with a friend!

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