Network Marketing Paradigm Shift

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MLM Paradigm Shift

Network Marketing Paradigm Shift

There is a huge paradigm shift going on in my company right now and I want to share it with you guys.

Don’t be nervous about the word “paradigm” because it just means a mindset or model or way of doing things.

The major leaders in my company are making a shift when it comes to how we handle “maybe” responses to our product, service, or opportunity. It is a very interesting approach and I thought it was too good not to tell you about.

As you start to talk to people about your opportunity they will usually fall into one of three categories. Either they will say that they want to join you in business, they don’t want to join you in business, or they will raise some question or concern. It is with the people who have raised questions or concerns that you can utilize this paradigm shift.

Everyone in the workforce these days has the same way of thinking. They all think in terms of a certain amount of money per hour, or hourly rate. Why can’t we as Network Marketing Professionals use this to our advantage?

My team has started talking to our prospects about the ability to create so much money per hour. Of course you never want to make any guarantees you just want to bridge the gap between the residual income mindset and the hourly wage mindset.

My company pays out one time bonuses of $100 to any new consultant who gathers there first 2 customers and then again when they gather their next 2 customers. So the mindset shift is simple. I ask my prospects if they would like to sit down with me for two hours and make $75-$100 an hour.

That is totally doable because if we sat down and worked for two hours straight we could definitely find 4 customers. Anyone with an hourly wage mindset would jump at the opportunity to work for $100 an hour.

This is just another tool in your bag of tricks that you can use to peak interest from your prospects.

Maybe your company is already utilizing this paradigm shift but I had never heard it before and I thought it was pure gold! Let me know if you got some value out of this or see it as something that you and your team could benefit from.

Want to see a more detailed explanation? Visual and auditory learners, this vid’s for you!

If you got any value from this at all I would appreciate it if you would share it out so someone else could get the same value!

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