Don’t Be An MLM Robot

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MLM Robot

Don’t Be An MLM Robot

As I build my Network Marketing business one thing that I see a lot is people acting like MLM robots. You may have seen them in your business as well.

MLM robots are people who talk differently to their friends and family whenever they’re talking about their Network Marketing business.

Here’s the thing, the people that are the closet to you know how you interact with others. They’re familiar with your vernacular and the vocabulary that you generally use.

Unfortunately, most people think that they have to sound smart, professional, or like they know exactly what they’re talking about when they speak to other people about their business. That’s just not the case. In fact, you greatly decrease your chances of signing up your prospect if you use language that you’re not accustomed to using.

Talk Like a Human Not An MLM Robot

As you start making invites for people to take a look at your product, service, or opportunity you want to make sure that you sound like yourself, like a human being. Don’t sound like an MLM robot.

You wouldn’t say to your best friend, “Hello, my name is Tyler. I was wondering if you keep your options open for creating additional streams of income.” That’s hard enough to read, can you imagine if your best friend said that to you. You would be like, “Dude, what are you doing?

What’s wrong with saying, “Hey I found something really cool that I think might interest you. You’ve got to take a look at it.” You see the difference? Much more real and human right?

If you try to sound all professional, you’re going to come off as fake and like you have a hidden agenda in what you are asking. This causes people to automatically put up a wall and it’s extremely difficult to break down that barrier once it’s been put up.

Avoid Sounding Like an Infomercial

I’ll give you another example outside of the Network Marketing industry. If you found a restaurant that you just loved and you wanted to tell someone about it you might say something like this, “I went to Restaurant X the other day and it was sooooooo good. You have got to try it. Want to go with me this weekend?”

Here’s what you wouldn’t say, “Have you ever been to Restaurant X? Let me tell you a little bit about it. It’s a four-star restaurant with open seating, a bar, a patio, and excellent ambience. They feature an eight-page menu with an exquisite wine selection. They also have a world class chef on staff. Do you think you would be interested in joining me for a dining experience sometime soon?”

Sounds like an infomercial right? Don’t be a walking infomercial. Don’t be an MLM Robot. Act like a human, talk like a human, and use words that you would normally use. Period.

Feel free to share this concept with everyone on your team. I talk about it in a bit more detail in the video below…

If you’re interested, I recently heard Shawn Achor speak and he had some great concepts on happiness. Check out one of his Ted Talks here: “The Happy Secret to Better Work.”

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