Mastering Cold Market Prospecting

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Cold Market Prospecting

Mastering Cold Market Prospecting

There is a skill in Network Marketing that, if mastered, will make you a cold market prospecting guru. In this blog post I’m going to share with you what that skill is and how you can master it.

If you have never heard the term ‘cold market,’ it simply means a group of people that you don’t know. Conversely, your warm market is obviously people that you do know.

Cold market prospecting can be tricky because you have to meet someone and then see if they’re open to your opportunity, all in your first conversation. Don’t worry. It sounds like a daunting task, but there’s a trick to it.

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Prospecting my cold market is my favorite group to prospect. Since I don’t know these people, it’s easier for me not to care about the outcome of the conversation or what they think about me when we’re done. That should eliminate any fear you may have, right there.

In order to be a boss at cold market prospecting you need to learn how to ask the right questions. If you can master this, cold market prospecting will be a breeze.

Of course like all things in life that are new you’re going to need to step outside of your comfort zone on this one, at least at first. You need to be comfortable or at least be willing to ask random people questions.

As you’re out and about just living your life start striking up conversations with people. In my company we like to say ‘you don’t go out to work your business, you work your business while you’re already out.’

Usually I start the conversation by asking people about something that’s right in front of me. If they have kids with them I ask them about their kids. If they have paint in their shopping cart, I ask them what they’re painting. Maybe they’re in line for the same movie I’m in, I ask them if they’ve heard anything about the movie we’re about to watch. Then start asking questions in such a way that lead you into a part of their lives that your opportunity can help with.

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Maybe you’re talking with a lady in line at the store who has three kids with her and she is buying some groceries. Strike up the conversation and ask her about something she has in her cart, something she is wearing, or how cute her kids are.

Then, just keep asking questions. Eventually you will get to a topic that really hits home with her. People always tend to lean toward the negative things in their lives. Use that to your advantage. Remember, our job is to provide solutions to people’s problems.

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In cold market prospecting if you can learn to ask the right questions then your business will begin to flourish. This will lead to more customers, more distributors, more momentum, and ultimately more income.

In the video below I go into a bit more detail about how to master cold market prospecting. If you get some value out of it don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel and share it with a friend!

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