Lessons from Lincoln on Leadership

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Lincoln on Leadership

Lessons from Lincoln on Leadership

I try to make it a point that even when I go on vacation I continue to develop myself personally.

This last time we went on vacation I made sure to take a couple of books with me so I could grow as I relaxed.

I ended up reading a very interesting book called, “Lincoln on Leadership: Executive Strategies for Tough Times,” by Donald Phillips. I love history and I’m passionate about personal development, so if I can combine the two then I’m set.

The book was all about the leaderships aspects in Lincoln’s life and presidency.

As you know, Lincoln was the President of the United States during the Civil War and so his leadership skills had to be extremely developed and sharp in order to get the country through one of its toughest times to date.

These particular leadership aspects made him a great president and commander-in-chief regardless of your party affiliation.

The same leadership aspects can teach us how we need to be running our Network Marketing businesses as a true leader.

These particular leadership skills have to do with Lincoln’s interaction with other people, which are perfect for our industry.

Lincoln on Leadership – Skill 1

Lincoln got out of the oval office and circulated among the troops and the people of America.

The main reason Lincoln did this was so that he knew how the rest of the country was feeling with the decisions he was making and the direction he was leading the nation.

He was criticized often because it seemed as if Lincoln was scared to actually be in the White House.

This skill is paramount to utilize in your home-based business. Get out and mingle among your team on a regular basis. Make weekly phone calls to see what they need and how they are feeling about their business.

The better you know your team the greater it will feel when you help them achieve their why’s. You will almost feel like your achieving your own why.

Lincoln on Leadership – Skill 2

Lincoln built strong alliances.

This skill was immensely necessary for the president as he led not only the populace but the nation’s military as well.

You can apply this to the MLM industry by forming alliances with, not only the top earners in your company, but also the leaders of Network Marketing in general. These alliances will help us build up the industry as a whole and increase its validity.

Lincoln on Leadership – Skill 3

Lincoln persuaded people rather than coerce them.

This was a rare leadership tactic of the times because most of the major events of the country happened under coercion. There were several stories told about Lincoln and how he did not like to give people direct orders but simply gave them suggestions and they made the decision for themselves.

Lincoln found that people took action with more enthusiasm when the decision was made on their own.

No doubt you have heard the importance of not CONvincing people to join your opportunity. If you have to CONvince them to sign up then you have to CONvince them to work and, ‘ain’t nobody got time for that.”

You can utilize this leadership skill in your business as well. Give people all the information that they need so they can make the right decision for themselves. Don’t just bark orders at them.

I hope you got as much value out of Lincoln’s leadership style as I did. 

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