Guest Blog: ‘Let Your Net-Work’ by Jordan Speed

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Guest Blog: ‘Let Your Net-Work’ by Jordan Speed

A much overdue article on networking. There’s a saying that goes, “your network determines your net worth.” Now although this has had more than exceptional popularity and truth; it’s not entirely correct – because you’re the only person that can determine that, but networking adds more than adequate leverage to increase it.

[Note: Please welcome guest blogger Jordan Speed (the author of this post). Jordan has been an entrepreneur his entire life – from selling Halloween candy, to selling sports cards, to even having a store in his local mall at age 15. His current endeavor, Story Maker Production, has become the stepping-stone into personal development for many millennials and the youth. His organization now reaches 1M Viewers/Month and has accrued interest from members all across the world. He’s looking for the dreamers and doers of his generation to pave the road towards the future, so if you think this is you, email him directly at today!]

By networking, I mean reaching out and building relationship into your network – which is family, friends, colleagues, professors, and yes, your connections online. You may never talk to some of these people now, nor will you ever, but one out of them all may end up funding your idea, securing your loan, or getting you an interview with the firms you’ve wanted to start your career at. Whatever the case may be; the people you know are assets. And the more of them you know, the more leverage you hold while engaging in any endeavor.

Personally, I hold an immediate and diverse circle of friends (some in my area, some elsewhere in the world) that have various skills and qualifications – and a notable mention – perspective. So imagine I were to need a marketing campaign tomorrow; I have direct people who can shoot video, do editing, copyright a script – you name it.

So how do you build a strong network? Talk to people. Yeah, it’s that simple. Everybody you meet will know at least one thing that you don’t know, well, know.. yet. And that one thing may end up saving your business, or life, at some point. And for nonsocial people, there are less scary routes to take such as Facebook or LinkedIn – although introverts/extroverts should both be using this to their advantage equally. It’s a gateway to contact and interact with people in your community and niche.

Note: things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out – so whether it be a colleague or a stranger – get something from the conversation and let it serve you as an asset towards the future.

-Jordan Speed (@SMP_CEO)

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