How to Gain a Massive Following on Periscope

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Gain a Following on Periscope

How to Gain a Massive Following on Periscope

Are you struggling to gain a following on Periscope?

Social media is a tough beast to tame, especially with a platform as new and unique as Periscope.

If you did not already know, Periscope is Twitter’s version of live streaming. It is the Facebook Live of Twitter, if you will. You can follow other people and get notified when they go live or “scope.” You will be able to see what the camera on their phone is seeing, live. On the flip side of that you can also stream content live from your own smartphone. 

Periscope is a helpful tool to connect with your audience in a deeper way because the broadcaster can interact with the people viewing their scope. This is possible with the chat feed that is superimposed onto the screen. It is an excellent tool for connection and interaction.

That being said, there are some quick and simple ways to gain followers and, let’s face it, that is probably what you are here to find out anyway.

1) Scope Every, Single Day.

I know this sounds like a tall order but I never said that it was going to be easy, only simple. If you cannot scope everyday, which is a lie because every single person on planet earth has a spare 5 minutes, do it as often as you can. The consistent flow of content will bring forth followers from all over who are not necessarily on scope every single day and will therefore, expand your range of influence.

It may be surprising to hear that less than 10% of accounts registered on Periscope actually broadcast at all. Those numbers are pretty staggering but most people have a fear of shooting videos, especially when it is live. That means if you scope on a consistent basis, eventually you will be found.

2a) Interact with your viewers on your own scopes.

Unfortunately, so many individuals who use the app to broadcast do not interact with the users who are watching them. You have to interact. When people first hop on, say hello or ask them questions. Interaction breeds connection. If people know that they are getting noticed by you when they watch, then they are more likely to watch you over and over again in the future.

2b) Join and interact with your followers on their scopes.

I cannot tell you the number of times I have been watching someone else’s scope and made a good comment or welcomed people to the users broadcast and I got a notification that someone just started following me. Again, interaction on the platform is key. If you have a useful comment that would provide some value, type it out. Whoever reads it and gets value from it will follow you.

3) Ask for people to follow you.

People love to be given a call to action, so give them one. This should be extremely obvious but no one really does it. If you want people to follow you just ask them to tap on your profile and hit the follow button. It is that simple.

There is one side note on asking for people to follow you, that I learned from Alex Kahn. When you first start out on Periscope most people will end up watching your replay, which is fine. Do not be discouraged when you only have one or two live viewers at first. As people are watching the replay, exactly 10 seconds in, there is a notification that comes across the chat window that says something to the affect of, “Follow this person to catch their next live broadcast.” Right next to that line is a follow button and if users press that button they will be notified the next time you go live. If you let the replay viewers know that the notification is coming they will be ready to hit the follow button when it appears.

As always, here is a replay of the Periscope broadcast I did on the subject for you visual learners. Watch how I utilize some of the principles above.

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