Follow Up Questions to Ask Your Prospects

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Follow Up Questions

Follow Up Questions to Ask Your Prospects

Following up…

I used to shutter at the sound of those words put together. It took enough courage for me to call my prospects to invite them to take a look, now you are telling me that I have to call them back to follow up with them about my opportunity? I don’t know if I can do that…

Has anyone else ever had that problem, or is it just me?

I would guess that some of you are in the exact same boat that I used to be in. Fear of follow up is an understandable thought, especially if you are new to the industry, but it is an easy one to get past. All you have to do to your follow up is dumb it down to it’s simplest form. You have heard the phrase “keep it simple stupid,” well that is exactly what we are going to do here.

There are 3 simple questions I ask every one of my prospects who has taken a look at my product, service, or opportunity, when I go to follow up with them.

Question 1: Did you get a chance to finish all 4 of the videos/hear the whole conference call/see the entire presentation?

Of course with this question you have to tailor it to how your company likes for you to expose people to your business. Whether that is with a video presentation, DVD, online video, hotel meeting, or conference call. However they were presented the information, that is the verbiage that you need to use.

Question 2: Did everything make sense to you?

Pretty self-explanatory there. I told you these questions would be simple. Obviously if they say no to this question you have a whole other set of problems on your hands. 99% of the time they will say it did, simply because they do not want to look stupid in front of you.

Question 3: What did you see that you liked best?

I usually ask this question several times back to back until they stop giving me things that they love about what they just saw. Sometimes you could ask it 5-10 times before they run out of positive things to talk about. The more aspects of the business that they mention that they like, the better the chance that they will comprehend how your Network Marketing opportunity would be a good fit for them. It also automatically puts them in a positive mindset to set them up for question 4.

Question/Statement 4: It sounds like you are ready to get started right now!

Indeed this is not a question but it is very important. How they respond to this statement will inadvertently categorize them into the yes/no/maybe columns. It also shifts the conversation towards getting them to sign up with you without them even realizing it.

They have just said that they saw the entire presentation, it made sense to them, and they gave you several reasons why they liked what they saw. They then got a good little nudge in the right direction when you asked for a decision without directly asking for a decision.

That’s it. That’s how simple the follow up can be. If they are a no, thank them for their time and ask them to be a customer. If they are a yes, sign them up on the spot. If they are a maybe and have some questions or concerns that need to be addressed, get them on the phone with an upline leader and start your validation process.

Well hello there Mr. or Mrs. Visual Learner. Apparently you scrolled to the bottom of this post just to see if there was a video. Of course there is. I aim to please all types of learning styles with my content. I hope you enjoy the video version below! If you actually read the blog, my apologies, and thank you.

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