Putting on an Effective Home Presentation

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Home Presentation

Putting on an Effective Home Presentation

Having a home presentation is one of the most powerful ways to expose people to your Network Marketing opportunity. If you’re not putting together home presentations on a regular basis, then you are not building and growing your business as fast as you could.

As you begin to invite people to take a look at your product, service, or opportunity inevitably some of them will need a second look or would rather be exposed to the opportunity in person. 

It’s much easier to invite someone to your house to a home meeting then it is to invite them to a business presentation at a hotel or restaurant or a conference room. The atmosphere is so much more laid back at your house and that allows people to lower their “guard.”

Inviting to Your Home Presentation

The invitation to a home meeting is super simple. It should sound something like this, “Hey, I just started something new and I am having a grand opening at my house on Friday night would you mind coming by and checking out what I have started?”

You want to make sure people know exactly what you are inviting them to. Don’t trick people into coming over to your house just to hang out and then spring a product demonstration or overview of the compensation plan on them.

A home presentation should be scheduled every time you sign up a new distributor. You want to be sure and schedule their “Business Grand Opening” within 7-10 days of the day they signed up. Put it on the calendar and don’t change it.

Have your new prospect start making invitations like the one above to their friends and family for their business grand opening at their house.

On the Day of the Home Presentation

On the day of the home meeting you want to be sure that everything is set up in advance just like at the professional business presentations. Have your magazines, product descriptions, flyers, and product samples set up and ready to go.

When it comes to refreshments you need to make it as simple and duplicatable as possible. Not everyone on your team can afford to put out a full spread so stick with the basics of tea and water to drink and maybe some chips to snack on.

You also want to make sure that you are dressed in casual attire because some people will show up in shorts and a t-shirt with flip flops. You don’t want to make them uncomfortable by feeling underdressed.

Invite a Top Earner

Another note that I need to emphasize is that your meeting will be so much more effective if you can get a top earner on your team or in your company to come close the meeting for you.

It shows that you work with the top earners and they are willing to help you. Make sure your guests know that the leaders are also willing to help them if they decide to do business with you. They are in business for themselves but not by themselves.

There you have it, a home meeting in a nutshell. They are extremely effective so use them as often as you can. In one of my recent meetings I had 7 guests and 5 of them signed up as consultants. You won’t always achieve those kinds of numbers though. The key is to just keep scheduling them no matter what happens.

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