How to Conduct Effective Business Presentations

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Effective Business Presentations

How to Conduct Effective Business Presentations

Let me preface this article by saying that if you don’t have effective business presentations in your area then it’s time to start one. Use the following concepts to facilitate your meeting.

Now, there is a difference between a home meeting and an effective business presentation. Home meetings happen in homes (obviously) and business presentations take place at a restaurant or hotel or some public place. They need to be centrally located and preferably right off the highway. The harder it is to get to the location the fewer people you will have in regular attendance. The meeting also needs to have its own room, away from other patrons.


On the day of the meeting you need to make sure the facilitator is there at least 45 minutes early and everything needs to be set up a half hour before the meeting. You don’t want guests to see you setting up because that’s just tacky.

Just outside the meeting there needs to be a sign in table with greeters who make name tags for distributors and guests alike. Just inside the meeting room there needs to be people circulating and introducing themselves to guests. It’s also a good idea to have some music playing to liven up the mood but be sure it’s appropriate. Remember the goal is to create a warm, inviting, and entertaining atmosphere.


When the meeting starts you need to be sure all of consultants are paying attention and not playing on their phones. If the people who are already in the business do not think the information presented is important enough to pay attention to then neither will the guests.

Make sure you set the ground rules early by having people turn off their cell phones so they don’t miss any of the important information that is about to be presented. It’s also important that everyone stands and claps for all of the speakers to show enthusiasm.


As the meeting wraps up, the closer, who is usually the most seasoned one in the room, will ask guests to sort themselves into a category of yes, no, or maybe about whether they see themselves building a business like this. They will also ask the guests to stick around and get their questions answered by people who know what they’re talking about.

Once the meeting breaks stick around and talk to the guests and get their questions answered. If you have a guest with you grab a leader to answer your prospects questions. Just like a 3-way validation call it is key to not interrupt the leader when they’re talking. You completely ruin their credibility if you feel the need to interrupt them.

If guests want to join then sign them up but don’t pressure them to make a decision and never, ever make someone feel trapped in the room. Also make sure you have all the tools you need such as magazines, product samples, and your laptop for sign ups. There is nothing worse than having a guest want to sign up with no way to do it.


The business presentation should not last more than 45 minutes to an hour because you’ll start to lose people if it’s any longer than that. You have to be respectful of people’s time.

It’s also super important that you come to the meeting even if you don’t have a guest. You need to support everyone at the meeting. The group would die if no one came unless they had a guest. The best part about a business presentation is the excitement in the room and that can’t happen without butts in the seat. If nobody has a guest treat the meeting as a training opportunity. You’re already there so make sure you get something out of it.

Did this concept help you in anyway? Let me know how it did and leave a comment in the comments section below. Also you can watch me talk about it in the following video.

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