Coaching Strategies for Newer Team Members

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Coaching Strategies

Coaching Strategies for Newer Team Members

I am going to preface this blog by saying that these questions are all designed to determine where the breakdown in your distributors’ training lies. When you know where they are struggling or not fully committing to the system then you know how you can fill that void with some coaching.

These questions are usually asked to newer team members when the newness and excitement of their business venture is wearing off. Either they are not seeing the results they desire or they have stopped taking action. This will help get them back on the right track or at least put them in the right frame of mind.

“Have you completed the training on the team website?”

Most of the bigger teams in MLM have a training page. If your team doesn’t then you need to create one. It is very hard to create duplication in your team if everyone is spending two hours with new recruits getting them started. It’s a whole lot easier to send them to a team training page so they can do the training on their own.

On the team page there should be an intro video from the leaders, a good PDF getting started document that they can download, and then a 30-60 minute training video that breaks down all of the basics for business building, prospecting, and customer acquisition.

“Do you have any questions about what you learned on the team training page?”

If they don’t have questions you obviously, move on. If they do, spend some time answering them.

“Have you started your written list?

We all know that without a list they are not fully in business. If they don’t have a list then I help them create one with at least 100 names. I also help them categorize people based on how professional they are, how close in proximity they are, and how close their relationship is with those on their list. Of course they can invite whomever they want but categorization helps them get started.

“Have you started making phone calls and inviting people to take a look at your opportunity?”

That answer, of course, is going to be yes or no. If the answer is yes then I ask them if they are showing plan the way it was designed to be shown (conference call, DVD, online videos, magazines, brochures, etc.) or are they trying to explain everything to their prospects without using 3rd party tools. If they are not doing it right then I spend some time coaching them on how to present to people rather than butcher the opportunity by trying to explain it to them.

“How many people that you have invited to take a look at the presentation have actually seen it?”

The number of people who have been invited and the number of people who actually take a look are usually very different. People do not always do what they say they are going to do. If the answer is 0, I know how to coach them. If they have a number of people that have actually seen the presentation I ask them the next question.

“How many people have you completed a 3-way call with?”

You always have yes, no, and maybe responses to your invitation and so the 80% of people who respond with a maybe need to get on a three way call.

I just break down their numbers from there and any gap in their activity will show me where I need to coach them. Based on that conversation I can tell exactly which part of the system they need to be trained on again. We all know that it is usually the small tweaks in your approach that do wonders for your business.

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