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How to Close Large Groups of Guests

I’m sure there have been several times in your MLM career where you’ve put on a business presentation or home meeting where there were lots of guests. You may have wondered, ‘how can I close large groups of guests?’

Be careful with this kind of thinking because it’s a double edged sword. On one hand it would be great to get everyone in a group and close them, on the other hand it’s not very practical.

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Boost of Growth

How to Give Your MLM Business a Boost of Growth

So you’re looking for a way to create a boost of growth for your MLM business?

If not, you should probably stop reading now. If so, you need to know that there are several ways to do it. You can put together short bursts of time where you take massive action. Or, you can do something else.

The best way to boost the growth of your MLM business is to use more third party validation tools.

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Started My Business Over

3 Things I Would Do Differently If I Could Start My Business Over Again

As you’re working your business, it’s inevitable, you’re going to find some things that you wish you would have done differently in the beginning. That’s just the nature of life.

Hindsight is most definitely 20/20.

Today I want to share with you the 3 things I would have done differently if I started my business over again today.

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MLM Question

How to Respond When Someone Asks What You Do for a Living

At some point in your life, I’m sure you’ve been asked what you do for a living. You probably didn’t think twice about the question and just gave an autopilot answer.

As far as MLM questions go, this is one of my favorites to get asked. It allows me the opportunity to prospect someone without them knowing that they’re being prospected.

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Power of Referrals

3 Real Life Stories About the Power of Referrals

Are you aware how important referrals are to your business. If you know what you’re doing, asking for referrals can massively effect your growth, momentum, and duplication.

There are 3 stories about referrals that I want to share with you that show just how powerful referrals can be.

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Sales Objection

Handling Objections: The Sales Objection

Unfortunately, handling objections, questions, or concerns is just part of the game in Network Marketing. It would be nice if everyone joined after their first exposure but that’s definitely not the case.

As we continue our handling objections series, I want to address the sales objection. This is when your prospect says that they’re not a salesperson or they’re not good at selling. Because of this, they don’t think they’ll be successful at building an MLM business.

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Confidence While Prospecting

How to Have 100% Confidence While Prospecting

Inevitably, when you start your Network Marketing or direct sales business you are going to have some confidence issues. Don’t worry. This is very common, especially when you start something new.

The lack of confidence generally comes from one of two thought processes. Either you have some doubts about your opportunity and the MLM industry as a whole or about your ability to build a sustainable business.

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If You Can’t Get Past This You Won’t Be Successful

Let’s face it. There are several things in life we wish we didn’t have to face.

-Student loans

-Performance evaluations

-That weird uncle at the family reunion


The list could go on and on.

If you’re going to be successful in the Network Marketing industry, then there’s one thing you’re going to have to get past.

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Proper Posture

Maintaining the Proper Posture

As you have been working your home-based business you have probably heard this phrase. “Make sure you have the proper posture as you make your invitations.” Maybe you’ve heard your upline leaders or your sponsor say it. In this blog post I’m going to go into exactly what that means.

Maintaining the proper posture as you work your Network Marketing business is huge. Well only if you want to have success in this industry.

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3-Way Call Transition

Transitioning to the #1 Validation Tool in Your Arsenal


If you’re this deep into your Network Marketing training, then you’ve probably already started to see some success. This industry is beautiful and rewarding, especially when you know what you’re doing.

We’ve talked several times already about the importance of utilizing third party tools to help you build your business. No doubt the best validation tool you can use is the 3-way call. If you’re not completing these calls with your prospects, then you need to start. They will help your signup percentage tremendously.

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