5 Ways to Fully Engage at Your Annual Corporate Events

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Corporate Events

5 Ways to Fully Engage at Your Annual Corporate Events

When it comes to building your Network Marketing business there is one thing you’re going to have to get used to doing. You must attend your corporate sponsored events.

Generally, Network Marketing companies have one or two regional events and then a major destination event that takes place every year. If you haven’t been in the habit of attending these events then it’s time you started.

There are a couple of key concepts that you need to keep in mind as you begin to approach the date of your event.

1 – Be registered early for the event and actually attend it.

This sort of goes without saying but if you’re not registered how can you benefit from the training, networking, or attendee-only bonuses? You need to attend the event and have your butt in the seat every single day. Your team is going to do what you do, not what you tell them to do so make it a point to be there.

TOP EARNERS TIP: Generally, the person with the most downline consultants at the events makes the most money the next calendar year.

2 – Have a fresh written list going into the event.

There is nothing more powerful than a fresh written list of prospects going into and coming out of corporate events. There will be a ton of motivation, training, and attendee-only bonuses that will happen and having that fresh list as you walk out those doors is key. You don’t want to have to spend the first few days coming out of the event coming up with a fresh list. Your motivation will start to fade and the promotional bonuses will be closer to ending.

3 – Be in the moment during the event and take it seriously.

Don’t be texting, playing games on your phone, or taking phone calls. Don’t be thinking about what you need to be doing when you get home or what events the kids have coming up next week. Try hard to focus on the material being presented as it will help you build your business in the year to come.

Here’s a fun fact for you. If you went to school from Kindergarten to 12th grade, you spent over 16,000 hours in the classroom. If you went to college you can add an additional 2,000-5,000 hours of class/study time. That’s 20,000 hours that you spent educating yourself to prepare you for your J.O.B. If you can accomplish that, I know you can spend 2-5 days learning how to build your Network Marketing business that will get you financially free.

If you are brand new in the business be sure and take copious notes. You can ask your upline about what was most important at a later date but try to consume everything you possibly can. On the other hand, if you have been in the business for a while, try to focus on 2-3 key teaching points throughout the event and how you can implement them into your business going forward. Don’t get bogged down by all the details and go into information overload. A few key pillars of growth is better than no growth at all.

4 – Network with and introduce yourself to all of the top leaders.

As you are in between session or going to lunch make sure you meet and talk to everyone you possibly can at the corporate events. Always be thinking about the fact that more is caught than is taught. Meaning, the most valuable information is learned outside of the training sessions as you meet and talk to the top leaders or your overhear them telling someone else about their business success.

Also, you never know which relationships you’ll need in the future to leverage for the growth of your business. The more people you know the better your chance of getting help when you need it. If you get a chance, snap a picture with them to show your future prospects that you actually know the number top earners in your company.

5 – Have fun!

Remember, not everyone has joined this type of business to make money. Have some fun! Some people in your team need that social, entertainment type of atmosphere, so do things as a team. Go to lunch together, plan team parties after the training sessions, go out for dinner afterwards. The more that you are around like-minded individuals the more you grow as a person.

I hope my ideas helped you as you prepared for your upcoming corporate events. If they did leave me a comment below and tell me how you used the concepts.

In the video below I go into a bit more detail about preparing yourself to fully engage with your annual corporate events. If you get some value out of it don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel and share it with a friend!

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