4 Steps to Obliterate Network Marketing Objections

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Network Marketing Objections

4 Steps to Obliterate Network Marketing Objections

If you’ve been working your business for any length of time, there’s no doubt that you’ve come across some Network Marketing objections. Questions and concerns about the opportunity are just the nature of the type of business we’re building.

About 80% of your prospects that take a look at your presentation will have some sort of objection. Whether it’s a question about the compensation plan or a hesitation to get started because they don’t have the startup cost readily available.

However, there are 4 simple steps to obliterate those Network Marketing objections.

1 – Listen to the objection.

Whatever the objection is, you need to be sure that you listen to it intently. Don’t assume you know what their objection is before you’ve heard it in its entirety. You also can’t have an automatic response queued up for them.

You want to be genuine in your approach to their objection. People are more likely to do business with someone who is genuinely concerned about THEM rather than the OUTCOME of the conversation.

2 – Acknowledge the objection.

From steps 2-4, I like to implement the Eric Worre, ‘feel, felt, found‘ technique. Let your prospect know that you understand where they’re coming from.

Say things like, “I completely feel what you’re saying.”

“I understand where you’re coming from.”

“I see what you mean.”

They need to know that you understand WHY they have objections.

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3 – Validate the objection.

Inform your prospect that when you were looking at this opportunity you had the same questions or concerns that they currently have. To do this you should use the word, ‘felt.’

Use something similar to, “I felt the exact same way before I got started.”

This shows your prospect that their objection is common and they aren’t the only ones who’ve ever brought it up.

4 – Solve the objection.

Use the last word of the Eric Worre technique. “But what I found was…”

“my worries were not rooted in truth”

“that wasn’t 100% accurate.”

Using ‘feel, felt, found,’ makes you more personable to your prospect and allows them to feel comfortable with the fact that they have questions and concerns because of the fact that you had them as well. You don’t want them to feel stupid or alone when they raise an objection.

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This technique to obliterate Network Marketing objections is very simple to use while you’re prospecting and recruiting. Unfortunately, just because it’s simple that doesn’t mean it’s easy. It’s going to take some practice, but eventually you will get really good at it.

In the video below I go into a bit more detail about obliterating Network Marketing objections. If you get some value out of it don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel and share it with a friend!

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